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The Giving Grinch Story

My name is Sheena Rose.  I am the founder of The Giving Grinch.


For those of you who may not be familiar with the Giving Grinch, we are a non-profit
organization that helps those in need during the Christmas Season.  

Our cause is to supply everything from socks, coats, dolls, trucks, as well as a Christmas dinner to those in need throughout our community.  Our goal is to help as many families as we can.


Enough money is put aside for each child to buy socks, a coat, two outfits, and a few items from their Christmas list.  We also provide an amazing and tasty dinner, which always consists of a turkey and everything that goes along with it to complete a real Christmas dinner.


I am the mother of two amazing children, and it tears my heart out to think of them going without during the Christmas season.


Please open your hearts this holiday season, and donate to "The Giving Grinch."

Please click here to go to our Donation page.
Every dollar raised helps to make even more Christmas wishes come true.

Thank you, and Merry Christmas

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