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Christmas Cheer

Did you know that 87% of Elderly are forgotten during the holiday season!!!! Wow I know! My heart was so sad when I found this out after visiting my husbands grandpa- I knew we as a community had to do something! So I asked a couple of the folks what they would love to have for Christmas and they all said a warm blanket!!!! I thought to myself "A WARM BLANKET" I could hardly hold my tears back, I couldn't believe that is all they wanted! So each and every year with the help of our community we collect new warm blankets and slippers to take to them! We are also given large amounts of stuffed animals by an amazing donor that we take as well.

Oh my goodness as you can see the smile on their face is priceless!!!

My heart feels so warm every time I go into an elderly home, I love hearing their stories and just seeing them smile with joy.

My grandpa recently passed away on August 7, 2019 and as hard is it is going to be to go into the homes, I know that if we don't no one will!!!! So please if you would like to donate blankets, slippers or monetary donations to help bring Magic to the elderly in our community The Giving Grinch is the place!!!


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